Backstage Podcast Guest’s Handwriting Analyzed

Live video Conversation About the Guests you have seen on the Bart Show Podcast.

Free to Attend.

Happening LIVE on Riverside Studio
(This is not a zoom link).
Thursday May 30th at 6pm PST

(6:30am India Standard Time Friday Morning)

  • Discuss the handwriting samples of the guests (These samples on this site shown on the page after your registration.

  • Discuss your findings with other handwriting analysis experts and students worldwide (live).

  • Listen or watch the full interview and discuss if they agree or disagree with Bart's analysis.

  • The entire event is free and you don't have to be certified to attend. Everyone is welcome.

55 Minute Community Class

HostED by Bart Baggett.

Happening LIVE on Riverside Studio
Thursday April 25th at 6pm PST

(6:30am India Standard Time on Friday Morning April 26th , 2024)

If you login our standard zoom room... no one will be there. :(

100% Free To Attend

Please watch or listen to the two podcasts featuring the people's handwriting who we are discussing. You can bring your own handwriting samples of class and share with the class if you are chosen to participate.

This live class is part of the Handwriting University Community Class Live events. As long as you are subscribed to the newsletter, you will get an invitation each month.

Handwriting University Community Handwriting Analysis class. This is a special live conversation about the people you hear on The Bart Show Podcast. The World’s Most Interesting People. Each month the Handwriting University Faculty analyzes the most recent guests who appear on the podcast. Just listen and screenshot the handwriting of the guest and come with questions. Register now. It’s free to attend. Guests welcome.

Bart Baggett will lead this hands-on class will help you get more insight into people through their handwriting.

You can discuss any previous guest who has appeared on the Bart Show Podcast. We suggest you listen to the episode audio-only first. Then, watch the video interview on YouTube. Pause the video on the full screen of the handwriting and take a screenshot.

The people we will discuss this month are shown on page three of this registration process.

The full interviews are located here:

Listen to the show on your favorite Podcast software.

Read More About the show and get links to your favorite podcast player :

The Bart Show Podcast is the show where Bart Baggett analyzes the handwriting of some of the world's most interesting people. Listen to the podcast and look at the person's handwriting.

Backstage Handwriting Analysis Community Class.

Based on the Guests of The Bart Show - The World's Most Interesting People Podcast.

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